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I wrote a blurb about Jandek for South by one year to promote his show. So, read it, but also watch the Jandek on Corwood documentary (you can get it in 13 parts on 

Here’s the trailer:

I’ve been a fan of Jandek for 10 years now, and he just started playing live shows a few years ago. He plays maybe 3 a year and not all in the States.  Hence, I’m flying to Nashville this afternoon to catch his show at The Basement, 1604 8th Ave S.  If you’re in the area, stop on by. You will not be disappointed.  Scared? Maybe a little. But a Jandek show is like nothing nothing NOTHING you’ve ever seen before and his music is like an undiscovered musical solar system unto itself.  

Here’s the old blurb:

My ex-boyfriend used to say, “If she stays for the second song, she knows what she came for.”This was usually said in reference to Al Green’s Call Me album and if you stayed for “Have You Been Making Out OK?” then you DID know what you were there for. But the real stamp, the defining moment in our relationship was one night, late at night and early into the “dating” part he played a disc entitled Ready for the House by an enigmatic Texas musician named Jandek.

To understate it clearly, it was eerie. Spooky. Creepy. All the Halloween words. The sounds were dissonant, disjointed, incongruous, ghoulish. There were wails and moans, there were cracks in the voice, discordant guitar sounds, and phrases like “My rapture’ss painted on the floor” from a song called “First You Think Your Fortune’s Lovely”. Sitting in my ex-boyfriend’s house, darkness and words falling, bare feet on the cold, hardwood floor with a rising chill inside me it sounded like a ghost had recorded an album on an old push-button tape recorder in an empty house under a mountain somewhere it’s really, really overcast. Jandek became an important name in that house, like he was living among the two of us. Hanging onto haunted walls, seeping into our pores, stealing our breath to gain energy. He is myth and mystery and his music is like a painful sickness that you just…might not beat. The Ex, who I am still great friends with, became quite involved in discovering who Jandek is and finally did. Not at all ironic that mere days after his first phone contact from Jandek, we ended our long, desperate, torturous run as a couple. The task of discovery took a new turn. 

I was ill-prepared for the sound, the art, the context, the inference, the meaning and unbelievable importance that very first listen
would have on me up until even this very minute, as I write this with chills rising inside me.

I stayed for the second song. I knew what I was there for. 

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But, I am enjoying the very, very many smart, organized, driven panelists/speakers at TribeCon.

Wrap-up later today.

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DP in JP

Just a few thoughts:

In another awkward twist in my Lynchian life, The Gambit posted a blog based on a tweet I had saved in a fortuitous moment of forethought (which, in itself, is a surprise considering I’m more of an “oh, yeah I prob should have/not have done that” type-Champ).  

I fell asleep early on Sunday night and did that whole thing where you wake up at midnight and totally ruin what would have otherwise been an awesome sleep set.  Anyway, funny things go down on Twitter after dark, and the @JPEmergncyMgmt tweet was one of them.

As soon as I saw it post, I forwarded it to my email, thinking it would come in handy later for, if nothing else, a cheap laugh.  There were laughs, indeed, when The Gambit tweeted to ask if anyone saw the text.  I did one better.  I sent them an email with the whole original tweet.  

Had some awesome laughs about it all afternoon, but today wonder about who wrote the tweet heard ’round da parish. Also, who knew they did DP in JP! That’s city sex!

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Hope I Don’t Make Anybody’s Hit List


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Pre-Saints Sunday Mimosa Brunch

Well, brunch was a TOTAL success and I’d like to thank EVERYONE who came out.  We realize the timing was a little off, but we think we have the logistics down for next time.  Everything Chef Tre’ made was delicious and sinful.  If you missed out on the caramel-pecan cheesecake, you missed the hell out!!!

I definitely want to thank @Sherinola for opening up her beautiful house to us and her kitchen to Tre’ and for being a gracious host and keeping our glasses full all afternoon.  Also, I would like to give a special thanks to @Julseybean for supplying us with the champagne flutes and the serving trays and silverware.  It would not have been a success without you!

Thanks, also, to everyone who brought champagne and/or orange juice.  The mimosas flowed like water! Also, take a tip from @MuseLotus: substitute tangerine juice for orange juice in your next mimosa – totally amazing, you won’t be sorry.

I’m so happy we have been able to give this awesome woman a chance to start living out her real life.  She told a crowd of us, “They just didn’t appreciate what I did in Birmingham,” and everyone assured her that the people of New Orleans will always appreciate food, especially the likes of what she made us.  The menu had vanilla–rum spiced French toast, cheese grits, crispy bacon, a delicious bacon/potato scramble, and eggs with egg toppings, among other things.  

At the end of the day, Chef Tre’ walked away with an awesome take-home pay and promised to take her daughter/sous chef Kyra to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. It was a fantastic day, topped off with a maddening, heart-attack-inducing win by the Saints.  Who dat!!!!!

I hope we can continue to do great things for Chef Tre’.  If you weren’t able to attend this brunch, please, please, PLEASE make plans to attend the next one, which @Julseybean will be hosting in November. 

If, in the meantime, you need a personal chef, a cheesecake, lunches or any other food services from Chef Tre’, here is her contact information:

Phone: 225-302-2958

Thanks again for attending and can’t wait to see you at the next one.

Cheers and many, many thanks,


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$42 and Faith

I was out catching up with Sheri over coffee (Irish) a few nights ago when we met a very sweet, interesting young woman.  Her name is Chef Tre’.  She was wearing head-to-toe chef garb and I got the feeling she had been pounding the pavement in it, ready to work on the spot if needed.  She looked tired and weary, but she smiled and laughed anyway and talked vibrantly about her plans and hopes for the future. Chef Tre filled us in on all the businesses she was ready to get off the ground (she’s a cheesecake artisan, a personal chef, and runs an awesome business called “Romantic Embers” which I would totally use if I had any embers in the fire!) – all great ideas that could really work if given the right kind of exposure.   

She, like most people in New Orleans, had a story to tell. She had driven from Birmingham just a few days prior to our meeting.  She said she left with what clothes she could carry, her kid, a full tank of gas, and “$42 and faith.”  That struck me and keeps ringing in my ears.  $42 and faith.  I’m not one for faith.  As an atheist, skeptic and misanthrope, I just don’t make room for it.  But, while listening to her tell her stories, I had no doubt that we could do something for her.  I had every faith that the people of New Orleans will not fail her in her time of need.  That was a new feeling to me. The feeling of faith in something, in this city.  I don’t know what she was leaving behind in Birmingham, but I know that she is ready for New Orleans to welcome her warmly and give her opportunity.

So, Sheri and I concocted an idea for an in-home brunch this Sunday, pre-Saints, to get the ball rolling on her dreams. 

The details:

When: Sunday, October 25th, 11:30 AM

Where: Sheri will host at her house in the Irish Channel.  

Who: TAKE NOTE: THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY, NOT ONE SPECIFIC GROUP.  First come, first served. Currently, we have 6 signed up and would like to sign up 6-9 more.   

It will be $15 per person and we also ask that you bring some cheap champagne or orange juice for mimosas.  Or whatever it is that you would like to drink with your meal.  We’ll have coffee and other beverage fare, as well.

Chef Tre’ is IN.  When I called her to ask if she’d be interested she said “Where and what time?”  She’s so very excited to do this.  To encourage her independent businesses, we would like for attendees to take a minute and listen to the fun services she offers and hopefully throw a little business her way.  

You can always email me for more details or to RSVP: champsuperstar@gmail

Or find me on Twitter and @ reply or DM to @champsuperstar

Thanks for your help with Chef Tre’.  I am positive after this she will be encouraged and inspired.




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Open Letter About Your Chicken

Dear General Tso,

Your chicken is delicious.

Thank you,


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