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LET’S GET WEIRD – The Air Sex World Championships Makes Its New Orleans Debut This Week!

Seeking out the bizarre is a fun little game everyone should play every so often. For most of the world, the strange and abnormal is mainly catalogued in books, museums and memories. It’s fun to visit Ripley’s or go see an avant-garde play. It’s a little wild to rock out to some unknown punk band with funny hair. And for this same part of the world, the next day everyone goes back to their normal lives. Their 9-5 jobs, their American Apparel, their sensible modes of transportation. These people in this world belong to homeowner’s associations and eat at reasonably priced chain restaurants. Their idea of a colorful character is the retiree greeting them at Wal-Mart who pretends to goose all the wives.

Lucky for us, we live in New Orleans, a city that doesn’t just tour the world of the weird: we create it. We revel in it. We actively seek it out and promote it. We treat it like art. Double lucky for some of us (yours truly) that we get to live in TWO cities that create and revel in it (New Orleans and Austin).  The best part about moving back to New Orleans from Austin is that I get to regularly help bring some of the weirdness from over there back here, the only other place I know that can possibly appreciate it. So, I want to share with you to one of the most outlandish events I’ve ever seen.  One lucky, crazy, weirdly sexy night, I was witness to the Air Sex competition at the Alamo Drafthouse.

The premise: You’ve seen people air drum and air guitar, right? It’s like that, but with sex. Competitors pick out some music and a wardrobe and then jump on stage to simulate how they do it, how they want to do it or how they’ve heard about it done. The results are sometimes hot, often times quite hilarious and always totally weird. Normally, being awkward about physical contact and all things sexual, I would be the last person to go to an event like this. And I admit I was reluctant. But, as with everything else, once I got a few drinks in me, I was cheering along with the rest of the crowd, high-fiving everybody and treating Air Sex like it was any other spectator sport. Because, it really sort of is.

So, I invite you to join me this week to also be sort of a curator of crazy and let’s just get really weird. New Orleans’ very first Air Sex competition is being brought to you by my friend Chris Trew THIS THURSDAY, August 19th at the Howlin’ Wolf. That’s also the day after my birthday, so let’s have some drinks and cheer these brave competitors on! And even better, IF YOU WANT TO COMPETE, there are still open spots! From

 We are looking for competitors! Please email chris(AT) with your stage name, city and attach an MP3 of your song choice. Competitors get free admission and every champion wins prizes, glory and a chance to compete for the World Championship!”


I can’t really convince you how much fun this event is, because it is just something you have to see for yourself.  But, here’s a little glimpse of how odd/awesome it can get:




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