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Got this random cute email in my work box:

Subject: NO SUBJECT!!!!


that chicken wasen’t great. I thought it would be better than it

was. But at the race track it was totaly awsome


!! The race cars

were like rocket ships buzzing buy!


 I had a great weekend




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I’m not going to review the Yeasayer show, because everyone already knows it melted faces. Instead, I’m going to write a re-imagining of it based on a single observation before the show started. 

A short background: Yeasayer puts on dramatic shows with set pieces, crazy lights and light boxes. It’s a visual experience as much as it is aural. So, a stage might need more room than normal for what was last night a 5-piece band. As we all know, the House of Blues stage is somewhat small and intimate. So, the stage was fully set up for Yeasayer, but also set up for Washed Out, the 4-piece opening act. It was fairly crowded.


As the room started to fill up, I mentioned to nobody in particular “Man, there sure is a lot of shit on that stage.” Everyone agreed. We all watched as Washed Out made their way through the maze of instruments and set pieces and played a short set, all instruments and members smushed together in a straight line between Yeasayer’s Sanford & Son set. They finished their set and this is where the re-imagining begins. 

Yeasayer guy 1: “Man, Washed Out removed their stuff from the stage, but, you know what guys? There’s still a ton of shit out there.”

Yeasayer guy 2: “You know, you’re right? I didn’t realize we traveled with this much shit.” (looks around) “This place is a total hole. Look at that tiny stage!”

Yeasayer guy 3: (peeking out to stage) “I don’t know, man. I’m pretty high.”

Yeasayer guy 4: (walking up) “Hey, guys, what do you think about my GIGANTIC cowboy hat?”

Yeasayer guy 1: “It’s…it’s pretty big, dude. And look out on stage. There’s a lot of shit out there. Do you think it’ll fit?”

Yeasayer guy 4: “I don’t care, dude. It’s the piece de resistance to this ‘fit, man.”

Yeasayer guy 1: “Do you think I’m going to be able to bring my fake toy tumor on stage? What about if I add this handkerchief? Does it look thinner?”

Yeasayer guy 5: “Hey, which tank top goes with these Zubaz pants? The purple?”

Yeasayer guy 1: “We don’t have time to advice about your Hammer pants, man. How are we going to all fit out there with all that shit on stage?”

Yeasayer guy 5: “Zubaz, man. Oh, dude, I TOLD you we didn’t need honeycomb set pieces 4, 5, 6 and 7. Look at that. We’ll never fit out there.”

Yeasayer guy 3: “Maybe these ultra dark Ray Bans weren’t the best idea.”

Yeasayer guy 2: “I know, right? Not only is that stage loaded down with our shit, it’s also really, really dark out there.”

Yeasayer guy 5: “We might not even need 3.”

Yeasayer guy 2: “Would you lay off the honeycomb set pieces?”

Yeasayer guy 5: “I’m just saying. Who’s idea were those?”

Yeasayer guy 4: “Oh, man, what are we gonna do?”

Yeasayer guy 1: “We need to figure it out, they’re playing that song from Silence of the Lambs already.”

Yeasayer guy 3: “Dude.”

Yeasayer guy 5: “Who’s idea was it to have 89 set pieces for this show? That stage is the size of a pack of matches.”

Yeasayer guy 2: “Well look, if we just walk straight and slow in order of where we are on stage, we should be f—-oh shit. There’s the smoke machine. FUUUUUUUCK.”

Yeasayer guy 1: “WHAT are we gonna do? There’s just so much shit out on the stage. I can’t even see the floor. Someone should have brought some glow in the dark tape.”

Yeasayer guy 4: “We can do this guys. We’ve done this hundreds of times. WE. CAN. DO. IT.”

Yeasayer guy 1: “The song’s almost over. I can’t see anything!”

Yeasayer guy 4: “Dude, I just fell!”

Yeasayer guy 3: “Get up, man. Wait. What if we just put on our iTunes playlist? They might not ever even know! Look at those kids! They’re all so high!”

Yeasayer guy 2: “You’re on to something. Hand me your iPhone. What’s our first song…(silence)…WHAT’S OUR FIRST SONG???”

Yeasayer guy 4: “Uhhh, Madder Red! Madder Red!”

Yeasayer guy 2: “Ok, I got it. Ok, guys, look. There’s no way we’re getting on that stage. There’s just too much shit on it. These kids don’t know which end is up. Playlist is on. Let’s flash some light boxes and call it a show!”

Yeasayer guy 4: “Look, guys, they’re dancing! They don’t even know we’re not on stage!”

Yeasayer guy 5: “We’re doing it! We are rocking it out!”

Yeasayer guy 1: “GOOD SHOW, GUYS!” (high fives all around)

Yeasayer guy 2: “Next show, no honeycombs.”

All Yeasayer guys: “No honeycombs!”


*Note: Much credit to the 5 terrific musicians last night (Anand Wilder, Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, Jason Trammell and Ahmed Gallab). None of which are actually represented in this reimagining. 




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