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It is well documented that brunch excites me. My friends and I use the hashtag in the title of this post to declare it. To quote my good friend @VeraRocks “We brunch harder than most people party.” And it’s true, which is what makes what I’m about to share with you all the more difficult for me to write because I can’t be there for most of it.

Brooklyn Brewery, the brewers of the delicious Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Wiesse and Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55, are sponsoring The Food Experiments and bringing it to New Orleans. And I hear the geniuses behind the idea, Nick Suarez and Theo Peck, have already hit the streets.  Be on the lookout for these suspiciously hungry guys:


Nick Suarez and Theo Peck


The event for New Orleans is called “The Brunch Experiment”.  Home chefs are entering and creating delicious and unique brunch dishes for a chance at cash, prizes and a ticket to NYC to compete in the Food Experiments All Star Competition.  The competition takes place from 12 – 4:30 PM  on Sunday, April 3 at the Howlin’ Wolf.  There are over 20 competitors and it should be, as always, a great time at the Wolf.  Anyone can compete and anyone can attend. Visit the Food Experiment’s New Orleans info page for tickets or to enter.

But, the actual event is just the duck on the waffle for what these guys have planned for the weekend.

TONIGHT (Thursday, 3.31): Press and food bloggers have been invited to a pre-Brunch Experiment happy hour at Avenue Pub. The action starts at 5 and “ends” at 7, but you know how WE do. If you are interested in meeting, greeting and writing about these guys, you need to be there. I wish I could make it. Give them a high five for me.

TOMORROW (Friday, 4.1): This is the event I’m reeeeeally excited about/tooooootally upset over not being able to attend.  The guys have put together AN ALL DAY  FOOD CRAWL. I say, THE GUYS HAVE PUT TOGETHER AN ALL. DAY. FOOD. CRAWL.  I saw the tentative schedule, you guys. It’s pretty freaking amazing. The guys have a pretty comprehensive list of places to visit. The food crawl includes places to eat beignets, charbroiled oysters, po’ boys of all kinds, candy, pork, traditional NOLA dishes, food trucks and the end of all endings, a visit to my BELOVED SNAKE AND JAKE’S CHRISTMAS CLUB.

Saturday seems to be anybody’s guess. My theory: Nick, Theo and the Brooklyn Brewery crew are accepting invitations left and right to drink and devour around town. You’d be smart to get in on any of it.

If you love me like you say you do, you’ll attend any or all of these events in my stead, and report back via Twitter or your blog or email or text and make me jealous with food and people pics.

If you want the tentative Food Crawl schedule, email me and I will get one out to you. You can also follow the crew on Twitter @foodexperiment. Food recommendations? Email Nick at

Bon appétit!

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“We are all part of this greater thing that is called New Orleans. We are all in this together. We have all stayed after so much to help this city, to keep this city what it is, to fight for the SOUL of this city. All we are asking is for our leaders and our people to help fight for us, to protect us. If, God forbid, one of us should be lost, help find us. We’re New Orleanians. That’s what we are asking for, for our city to fight for us for as much as we fight for it.”

– Ken “Sharky” Braden, yesterday on RUSH radio

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Not only has the NOPD made a total clusterfuck out of the whole Jim Dugan search, this press release from the Public Information Office just drives home the point that they don’t even really give a damn about the dissemination of reliable information. THIS IS A JOKE. And I’m sure the thoughtlessness and lack of effort in this release is a slap in the face to people who worked hard to recover Jim. This text was distributed in the email that thousands are subscribed to. Do you think that if the time came to evacuate or avoid certain areas that the instructions would make sense? Read this and tell me if it makes mechanical and grammatical sense to you:

The New Orleans Police Department – Public Information Office

Recovery Efforts Suspended for Jim Dugan


According to Recovery Expert, Tim Miller of “EquuSearch Search and Recovery” team returned to the Mississippi River and resumed operations in search for the missing 42-year-old Bywater man, Jim Dugan.  This morning, utlizing marine sonar technology to analysis images captured yesterday of an apparent individual tangled in debris submerged in approximately 40 to 50 feet of water, EquuSearch, continued their search.  Assisting EquuSearch was a private marine company that specializes in deep water exploration searched the Mississippi River throughout the day and suspended operations, at about 5 pm, with no successful resolution.      

Jim Dugan was last seen by his female acquaintance at about 4 am, Tuesday, March 22, 2011, after falling into the Mississippi river near the Chartres and Alvar Streets Wharf area.  

They care so little about their distributions that they didn’t even bother to PROOF READ the damn thing.

I know blasting this email seems like a dumb and small thing, but the Jim Dugan search is the first incident in a long time that became personal to me. It has made me want to just rage against our city government in tangible and obvious ways. But, the only thing I can do from here is write about it and bring it to your attention.

If you love New Orleans, whether you live there or not, DEMAND that we raise the standards for our public servants. DEMAND that they take action when called upon. DEMAND that they take care of our city and our citizens like we take care of each other. That’s THEIR JOB.



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Just read this update on the FB page (via Kimberly P Caron):

“WWL TV just reported on the 5pm news that today sonar no longer shows he is there and are going to start searching down river.”

Can anyone confirm?

He’s also the story on RUSH radio right now as I type this. So, you can imagine the bullshit being said.

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This is the LITTLE LEBEERSKI URBAN ACHIEVER’S glorious one-round win.

Finn McCool’s is one of my favorite local spots, as you probably already know. Not only are they Irish, which I love, but the staff is always loving and friendly and always tries to feed you when there’s free food.  It’s a great place to hang.

Not only are they really, REALLY good at selling me tons of delicious beers, they are also very involved in raising money for a lot of local organizations. This year, for the second year in a row, I’m getting together with a team of my best buddies and playing flip cup for charity. We had SUCH a blast doing this last year. Tons of teams compete, everyone has uniforms and a lot of them are serious pros (college kids). But, everyone has a really great time. And, for real, what’s better than drinking for a good cause? Amirite? AMIRITE?

Why don’t you join us? The event is Saturday, April 23rd at 5 PM right on the sidewalk in front of Finn’s.

Get your team together (6 members, $10 per person) and visit the FB event page for details:

See you there! Hope we drink YOUR face off!


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After the "Kitchen Steve" incident in the comments section of the Fox 8 News story, a post from Shannon Villemarette showed up on the Jim Dugan Facebook group:

"Please note that Rock'n'Bowl does not condone in anyway the comments offered by 504Realist. An investigation is being pursued at this moment by both Rock'n'Bowl and Fox8. Please remember that internet posts are easily falsified and erroneous. It is hard to believe that an employee here would put his fellow employees in such a dangerous environment. We at Rock'n'Bowl offer our sympathies to the friends and family of Mr. Dugan."

That was super decent of her to take notice that someone representing themselves as an employee (who may or may not be) of Rock and Bowl was leaving hurtful comments about Jim Dugan's life and death and make it right.

Thank you, Shannon.

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Fox 8 has reported his body has been found and is being recovered. Some inaccuracies in the report, however.

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