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I’ve been lucky to do a lot of cool stuff in this town since I moved back. Some of it as personal projects to me and some of it to benefit the city. All of it has had the endless support and encouragement of the very smart people around me and the passionate people of New Orleans.

I’m starting on a new venture today. It’s actually one that I’ve been kicking around in the back of my head since I moved here. I’m starting Girls Rock NOLA, a camp and workshop course dedicated to empowering teen and pre-teen girls of all skill levels to start rocking out. It was inspired by watching Girls Rock Camp grow from one woman’s idea into a national alliance. My vision is this:

Workshops –
Workshops are going to cover any number of topics: songwriting, music history, music business, music photography, female images in music, communication and trust building, management, brand building, gender and identity, stage presence…all forms of music and performance.

Lessons –
Lessons will be in instrument instruction (including turntables) and any more specific and detailed workshop topics that girls want to go more in-depth.

Shows –
Girls will start writing and performing as soon as possible and put together a show to showcase their songs.

The show will come together after a 2-week or longer summer session. Hopefully, by next summer I will have raised enough money via Kickstarter and fundraisers to not only have a summer camp but also do after school sessions once the school year starts, so that girls continue to grow throughout the year. This is not a competition. These girls will learn to work together as peers, as a team, with guidance and mentorship from any local female volunteers who wish to join the cause. (I’m not totally excluding the guys. There’s a special place for you, too.)

I’ve started setting up our social media today, got the Kickstarter, WP blog, and some other preliminaries going and hope to roll it all out next week. I’m lucky to have a friend in journalist Alison Fensterstock, who I will be partnering with to get it all off the ground.

I hope to have your help as I have with everything else I’ve done in the past. You’re all very generous and supportive. I’m ready to show the world why and how New Orleans can breed such world class talent. We all have each other’s backs.

My mission is simple: Girls, pick up an instrument. Any instrument. Pick up a guitar and start a band! Pick up a pen and start writing! Pick up a camera and start photographing! Pick up something and get to rocking!

Girls ROCK! And we want NOLA to know it!

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Rejected because of my own laziness, not because they wanted to exclude me. I just found 2 articles I wrote for the Valentine’s Day issue earlier this year. ENJOY “GIFTS FOR YOUR GEEK”:

I’d like to say that I can’t separate girl and guy geek gifts, so I’m going to pick two really rad gifts that I would want and/or would want to give to someone. In no particular order, because that would be rude.

Gift 1:

I’m not personally a gamer. At least, not of contemporary games. I do enjoy the occasional go at the full size arcade games in the Dairy Mart of my hometown. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will also know that while I like Apple products, I’m not a fanbot and have not bought into the iPad yet.


Your iPad slides right in and connects quite sexily to the iCade via Bluetooth. iCade has partnered with ION who has partnered with Atari to bring you tons of retro games, starting with Asteroids.  The console houses a left-side joystick and 8 shiny buttons and is meant to be used anywhere there is a table.

Unfortunately, I’m not the only one who loves this console. It is currently unavailable until early June this year. So, time to get creative with those love coupons until then.


I have almost 2TB of storage with my music, movies, Flip vids, etc. I have 3 500GB Western Digital external hard drives, 1 300GB Western Digital external hd and then various amounts of storage on my 2 laptops. Nearly 2TB that to enjoy I have to plug into A/C power, hook up to a USB port on a laptop, hook the laptop to the television via RCA cable, video and/or audio cable or HDMI and then I have to adjust the television to accept the laptop input and then I have to adjust the laptop resolution to make it viewable on my 37” high def screen.

All that, and that’s the low-tech answer to watching any of my digitized movies or watching Hulu or Netflix on my living room tv.  It’s annoying, even for geeks like me who like that kind of stuff.

I have attempted to build my own media server in the past. But, I have the attention span of a gnat, so my weekend project turned into a 1-hour-late-Saturday-afternoon attempt in futility. Luckily, I found something that fixes all of that. The hot and steamy Western Digital TV Live Hub. There are other media streamers like this out there (Boxee, for example) but I’ve always had good luck with WD products. The available model is 1TB, comes with a remote control and hooks right up to your television via HDMI cable. Use the remote to scroll through and find your movies!

The only downside to this beautiful piece of svelte machinery is there is no integrated wireless. There is an ethernet and a usb port. That’s pretty much it. You will be able to view Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, Flickr and a few other sites on it.

I say, buy the Hub, load your favorite media on it, give it to your geek for Valentine’s Day and snuggle in to watch movies, listen to music or flip through pictures of good times. Enjoy!


(Ed. note: Both of these guaranteed to get you laid. If you buy them for me. – cs 7/19/2011)

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