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I hope it’s you:

I’m looking again for a personal assistant for the next 3-6 months, possibly longer. I have triple the work load I can reasonably manage alone and I can’t believe I even tried it.

Requirements (the standard basics):

  • EXCELLENT writing skills. You will be sending out emails and coming up with copy on my behalf sometimes.
  • Fair to mid-range organizational skills. Organize your work how you like, but possess the ability to keep me on track.
  • Positivity. I am normally a total spaz and I need someone’s positivity to keep me motivated. 
  • Some web dev skills. I will need minimal site maintenance.
  • Discretion. You will be handling money and some personal bills and will also have access to my house.
  • Honesty. You will be representing ME around town and also keeping track of your own time and expenses.
  • Local to New Orleans. Lots of running errands and all will be in NOLA.
  • Car or superhero abilities to get to places on short notice.


My assistant last year had a pretty light work load. The same won’t be true for this year.  In addition to my normal non-work duties (nerd nite, fundraising, writing), I’m working on Girls Rock NOLA. If you follow me, you know what that’s about. If you don’t, go here:  All of that means it’s a bigger workload and doing the footwork is difficult when I’m on the road. These will be your duties:

  • Keeping a calendar
  • Keeping communications with me and sending out communique to everyone on my contact list.
  • Updating my various sites and social media outlets. (nerd nite, Girls Rock, etc.)
  • Physically helping with Nerd Nite and Girls Rock, mostly. Running errands, getting quotes, checking out spaces. Lots of big stuff happening in 2012, and you will be my right hand in organization.
  • Handling money from fundraising efforts. UTMOST DISCRETION.
  • Light treason.

There are tons of other responsibilities, but that’s the brunt of it. It won’t be difficult job for the right person, but I will probably be more demanding than I have been in the past. Hours will run around 10 a week, probably no more than 20 ever, and pay will be negotiable. Lots of cool perks because I know a lot of really cool people around town and I am just kind of a cool boss. 

Email me a resume blah blah blah, but more importantly, email me a note telling me A LOT ABOUT YOURSELF, which can include why you’d be great at this job. I want to read about your hopes and goals and favorite bands and places to hang out. Include your twitter handle, facebook, personal website, anything that tells me who you are. I will be looking at this stuff more critically than I will your resume. 

Get on it, future heroes:


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