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I know I haven’t posted since Moontower in Austin, which is funny (funny odd, not funny haha) because this post is also about a comedy festival. Except this time, the comedy festival is in my much beloved h ometown of New Orleans.

You all know about my raging love for The New Movement Theater. I know you’ve embraced them in the past year because I see you at the shows. So, now let me tell you about Hell Yes Fest: Last year’s festival was one of the greatest weeks of my life. I kicked around town with some brilliant, funny people during the day and was treated to outstanding comedy and improv shows every night. I spent the better part of a week laughing myself to tears, drinking beer, watching rap battles, dancing, showing people around town, enjoying hecklers being demolished, introducing people, being introduced to people, and drinking more beer.

I went every night and attended a show for every single time slot. It sealed my crazy love for the people at TNM and devotion to what their ultimate goal is: to instill the notion in the city and the world that New Orleans is a hub for great comedy.

While the jokes and hanging out with funny people was great, my favorite part of the fest made me a little misty-eyed. At the closing night party, Sean Patton, an amazing comedian and New Orleans homeboy, came up to me, bear hugged me and told me “Thank you so much for being a part of what we’re doing here, Champ.”

For the recor d, I was a low-level sponsor, but was treated as if I had actually done something for real, when all I pretty much did was show up. That’s how grateful this group is to have other people believe in what they’re doing, because they certainly do. I went to bed that night (well, every night) feeling like I was a part of something. Something huge.

Now I want everyone I know to be a part of that, too.

And just so everyone knows, nobody asked me to write this. I’m no salesperson. I’m writing this because I love New Orleans and I love that people like Chris Trew and everyone at TNM exist within it. I’m writing this because I think this is a great festival that deserves all the sponsorship, press, and love it can possibly get. I want the festival to have more money and support than they know what to do with. They proved it could be done successfully. There was not one single night at the festival where there wasn’t a line or an empty seat.

I know I’m definitely sponsoring again this year (at a higher level, of course) and I want you all to really think about doing it, as well. Get your company to sponsor or just throw a bill their way. If you can’t do that, I understand. You can still support by attending TNM shows for a mere pittance every night of the weekend.

Anyway, to the business at hand – Here’s the information you need to become a sponsor.

(Please know that sponsorship is also a binding contract with ME indicating I will worship you and be a patron to your business for life and will also likely be high-fiving you forever.)

Do it and then join me at Hell Yes Fest in November. I’ll be there for every show.


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