I managed to see Mission of Burma at Fitzgerald’s last night and it was exactly as expected. The place was teeming with single male music nerds, who all arrived individually. There were abt 10 women in the crowd. So basically, lots of awkward. I got off a few pics before my phone died. I was right on the stage in front of Clint Conley. I didn’t take any notes because I was already dorking out enough. So, this is just a loose recollection of the show.

Highlights of the night for me were This is Hi-Fi, a very new one, and Academy Fight Song, the very first one. I did always prefer Conley’s delightfully nasal singing to everyone else. There were some sound issues, which is surprising considering Bob Weston is their own guy, but who knows at Fitzgerald’s.

First opening band was not what I’m into, but the crowd seemed to like them. The second band, The Garys (I believe) I thought were great. There were obvious throwback tinges of that school of New Sincerity sound and then I found out they were from Austin, so it all made sense. Check them out if you get a chance.

Anyway the show was great, I jumped around a lot, and here are some pictures. Go see Burma on this tour because while they have a new record (Unsound – hilariously their 5th studio record and 4th post-reunion record), they probably won’t tour much after this.


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