I’m one in 2 million. Literally.

I love books, beers and bands.

I love and miss my Grandma and My Best Girl Bigsby.

Reader, traveler, libertine. Hoping the phrase “bon vivant” shows up in my obituary.

If it’s not alcohol, water or coffee, I probably don’t drink it.

I like writers, underdogs, and responsible people.

I like dangerously clever people with multisyllabic vocabularies and twisted logic.

I like to fall sleep in my bed and wake up with the sun.

I like kickin’ it old school. I like the Doctor on Friday nights and Zach Morris on Saturday mornings. I like epic books and shifts in the paradigm. I like Centro-Matic at midnight and a full moon view from my street.

I like my cocktail hour to start at noon. I like Lester Bangs and the rock writer ethos.  I like bad movies and gossip sites. But, I loathe bad writing and insincere fandom.

I like Elvis Costello and Jason Isbell and Squeeze. I love Kathleen Edwards and Fiona Apple. I like fuck you songs with bitter lyrics. A lot.

I like words: well spoken, well written and well justified.

I like the fictionalized memoir. I like late nights in dark rooms in a self-conscious haze. I loathe cars. I like cozy bars and strong cocktails. I like making lists. I love Saints football, cold days and English Breakfast tea.

I like people who don’t question my motives.

I miss Juan’s and the Chart Room. I eat frozen pizzas at midnight and weaklings for breakfast. I like socialist theory and the history of salt. I like being guided by Robert Pollard. I like dirty, rotten scoundrels. The movie and the rogue class.

I like playing unfair. I like holding grudges. I like to rage. I like to wake up in my own bed. I like the occasional karmic kick in the head.

I like to find out how people who got married in high school are doing these days. I like people who fuck for validation. I’m a fan of both games with interpretable rules and the zero-sum kind.

I like when the universe tells me to get loud.

I like London, New York, and Austin.

I love New Orleans.

I like expensive hotels and cheap drinks with men of dubious character.

I like random magic tricks, well-practiced bad jokes and short road trips with long playlists. I like ghosts, vampires, the Chupacabra, and Roberto Clemente. I like Bigfoot and Godzilla and UFOs and Jandek.

I like to change my mind. I like when others don’t.

I like a sincere laugh. I like irony not defined by Americans. I like screw-ups and adult adolescents.

I hide the pain for the things I can’t explain. I like the slow descent into a life I never meant.

I like to geek out.

I love my husband.

I do not like hugs. I am never bored.


2 thoughts on “KNOW ME.

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